Last updated: 2 years ago


How many cryptocurrencies are supported on this platform?

At the moment, we support three cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin. We plan to add more support for cryptocurrency as soon as possible.

Is the service supported in my country?

Yes, everywhere you go. Anytime.

The service is giving me a problem?

Have you checked the requirements and installation page? Make sure your server fulfils the minimum requirements and all extensions enabled.

Is the platform using a third-party API or Full Node?

Currently the platform runs on a third-party API using Blockcypher. But as soon as possible, we will be moving to running the platform on full node.

Do we offer Installation Service?

Yes we do! We charge a token of $60 for that. Use the support section to make further enquires

Can i charge end users for this service?

Sure! However, this privilege is only available for Extended Licenses only


How many SMS gateways are supported at the moment?

We currently support two SMS gateways at the moment. Nexmo and Africa is Talking. More gateways will be supported as soon as possible.

Why don't I get notifications?

Make sure you have setup connection with Socket.IO and Pusher.

Why don't I get SMS notifications?

Make sure you have setup connection with the SMS gateways.